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Revolutionary War Historic Sites in New England

Manuel Marquez MD

With a background as health care manager, Manuel Marquez, MD leads tours with Insight Vacations, which is part of the Travel Corporation. Among the tours Manuel Marquez, MD has guided is Fall Foliage, which encompasses America’s revolutionary and colonial history. 

One of the most visited Revolutionary War monuments is the Minute Man National Historical Park, which spans Lexington, Concord, and Lincoln. This park centers on a strip of land surrounding Battle Road, where the conflicts that commenced the War of Independence took place.

Boston proper has had its share of battle sites and present-day visitors focus on Bunker Hill Monument. The 2.5-mile historic trail takes in Faneuil Hall, where numerous gatherings in protest of British Parliamentary acts took place. In addition, the trail includes Paul Revere’s house and the Old State House, where the Boston Massacre occurred. Another highlight is the Old South Meeting House, where the Boston Tea Party that ended with the throwing of tariff-laden boxes of tea into the harbor commenced.

Connecticut is known for Fort Griswold, which is where the last of Revolutionary War battles took place. This battle was engineered by Benedict Arnold for diversionary purposes and involved burning nearby New London as a way of diverting the movements of George Washington’s troops.


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