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International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education Rewards Excellence

Manuel Marquez MD

Manuel Marquez, MD is a tour director and former family physician based in California. The International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education (IFPE) benefits from Manuel Marquez, MD’s volunteer work as treasurer on the organization’s board. 

Membership in IFPE is open to professionals and anyone else with an interest in psychoanalytic theory and practice. Its participants include clinicians, artists, scientists, and historians. IFPE sees itself as a forum of ideas that cross disciplinary boundaries and offer new perspectives on the place of psychology and psychiatry in society. 

IFPE recognizes significant contributions through its Hans W. Loewald Memorial Award. A German psychoanalyst, Loewald combined respect for psychiatric education’s history with innovative thinking on the applications of such knowledge. The criteria for the award have changed over the years, and IFPE now honors the influence of the arts and other domains as they inform theory. 

The organization also sponsors a distinguished psychoanalytic educators award, established in 1998. This award goes to practitioners who have distinguished themselves as teachers and researchers in the field. 

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